Sunday Video: Crimson and Clover

This is the first in a series of Sunday night videos (we’ll see if we make it past week one). Tonight, “Crimson and Clover”, by Tommy James and the Shondells….

And because I’ve had a decades long crush on Joan Jett, we have to hear her version too…


  • B2

    Man… That takes me back!!! Yeah, I had a big crush on Joan Jett back in the day, too. She was just too cool.

    I had the opportunity to see her open for Robert Plant back in 88 (I think). She was great. Unfortunately, Plant’s drummer fell and broke his wrist backstage and they had to cancel. We got a refund on our tickets and I ended up seeing JJ for $1! Obviously, this was way before Ticketmaster and their ridiculous service charges. 🙂

  • B2

    I saw Joan on one of the late night shows last night (Leno, maybe?). She was looking great, and sounded pretty good, too, although I really didn’t care for the song.

    And, Charlie, she was wearing black leather pants that looked great. JJ has been working out! 🙂

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