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I thought I’d pass along a nice one I heard on Larry Kirwan’s Sirius radio show Celtic Crush. Saturday mornings are great at the House of Ickmusic. A morning paper, highly caffeinated Colombian coffee, the almost 3 year old bouncing around the room, all to the accompaniment of quality Irish music courtesy of Larry K. Kirwan is also the singer of Black 47, a popular NYC-based Irish band.

So he dug this one up a few weeks ago, and I just found it on eMusic. I have no earthly idea what the song is about, not knowing Gaelic (you Irish are welcome to offer a translation in the comments), but music is zee universal language, as we all know. Listen to the grooves throughout the song, traditional Irish instruments used in ways that are new to my ears. It’s a nine minute tune, but worth listening to all the way through, since the second half of the song is when the song really takes flight. Real nice stuff. This one is the opening track from their 2003 release, Luna Park.

Kila: Glanfaidh Mé (mp3) – from Luna Park

Kila’s Official Site.

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  • Pete

    Found some credits for this song on Kila’s web site:

    Glanfaidh Mé
    Lyrics – Rónán Ó Snodaigh
    Tune – Eoin Dillon
    Music – Kíla
    Rónán – bodhrán, vocal
    Dee – violins, fiddles, hammered dulcimer
    Colm – flute, backing vocals, shaker, spring drums
    Brian – bass, backing vocals
    Lance – guitars, bass drum, finger cymbals, tambourines, shakers, backing
    Eoin – uileann pipes, melodica, tin whistle,
    backing vocals
    Rossa – darabuka, saw, trumpet, saranghi
    Luis Rodriguez – operatic vocal
    Gemma Hayes – backing vocals
    Colin Block – string arrangement
    String Quartet are: ‘Ceathrar’ – Aoife Ní Dhornáin, Úna Ní Chatháin, Orla Ní Chatháín & Paula Hughes

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