Drivin’ All Night: Heart and Soul, Part Three


There’s a reason this concert’s nickname is Heart and Soul. “Heart and Soul” is an important component of “Drive All Night”, probably my favorite Bruce ballad of all time. “HEEEAAAAARRRRT and SOUUUL / HEAAAAAARRRRT and SOUUUL”. It’s an intimate, heartfelt, and very powerful tune, and that’s just the studio version. Just wait til you hear this live version. Once you’re catching your breath after hearing “Drive All Night”, they’re diving right iinto a breathtaking “Backstreets”. No mercy, I tell ya.

Enjoy the final part of the show. Who out there agrees with me on ‘Drive All Night”? Is this not the best version you’ve ever heard? What’d y’all think of the show?

Bruce Springsteen & the E. Street Band
November 5th, 1980
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Part 3 of 3: “Heart & Soul”

You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
Drive All Night
Backstreets *
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) *
I’m a Rocker
Detroit Medley

Bonus Tracks: (from The River Tour)
On Top of Old Smokey
The Price You Pay

* short cut-outs during these 2 tracks (one on each)

Part One | Part Two

And finally, one last time, if you don’t own The River, you really should…buy this album!

the river

Now, look ahead to October 1st, Boss fans… Bruce and the Seeger Sessions Band are ready to take Europe by storm. It might behoof you to subscribe to my Bruce posts if you haven’t already. I’m ready to rev it up….


  • Puri

    Thanks, thanks, thanks… For me, it’s also his most moving and heartbreaking ballad, and I had never heard it live. In the 80’s I was still a child to go to concerts, why doesn’t he play it any more?
    I think I’ve arrived too late to this web page, any way to get the first 2 parts?

  • Pete

    Thanks very much for posting this show! I’ll add my voice to those who have asked that you please, please, please post parts 1 and 2 again. Perhaps on or around the Nov. 5 anniversary of the show?

    I’m not a huge fan of the studio version of Drive All Night but this version is beautiful and very moving. Clarence’s solo is extraordinary.

    It’s nice to hear the band sounding so agile and loose. The arrangement on The Price You Pay is excellent. I’d also rate this version of the Detroit Medley very, very high.

    Love the site. I’ve also been enjoying the Joe Ely in Dublin show you posted a while back. Thanks again.

  • Adam Woodland

    Hey, just came across this as i was looking for a live version of drive all night, any chance it is still kicking around somewhere? If possible can you send me an email.



  • Bob Johnson

    Just found this great website! Thanks for the Holiday show! Is ther any chance of getting parts 1 and 2? Thanks again for the great site!

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