1999 Tour: Prince takes the Stage


This is about the only official Prince web site online right now. Click this, take a look, and come back.

Yep, it looks a little something like this, doesn’t it?

So the latest rumor surrounding the purple guy is a series of shows at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. We’ll see… it is only a 5.5 hour drive from my home, so I’m not totally against the idea, but still strange to fathom…

So let’s wrap up the March 31st Long Beach show, shall we?

Prince & the Revolution
Long Beach, CA
March 31st, 1983
The 1999 Tour

Intro / Controversy
Let’s Work
Do Me, Baby
Lisa’s Solo
With You
Still Waiting
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
Lady Cab Driver
Little Red Corvette
Dirty Mind
International Lover

The Opening Sets: Vanity 6 | The Time


  • Jim

    Yep, Harrah’s is up to something: Acquisition talks, stock values changes, up trending on the market. The 1 year is not great but the 5 year is going well and the 1 month is nice, find your favortie stock ticker and hit HET.

    I am not an analyst, this is not a recommendation to buy. I am just saying this is the only the latest in a string of buzz with Harrah’s. They seem to be changing their business. Lots of small casino, Native Land Ventures and better entertainment.

    I think Vegas is back, baby!

  • Buddha

    this takes me back. i first started listening to prince in ’79. i actual wore the 1999 album (the first album i ever purchased wit my own money) out over that summer. i listened to that album so many times, i hear it in my sleep. this is vintage, and like a fine wine, it only gets even better with time.

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