Mixed Nuts


Because I’m too tired to come up with a quality post (I couldn’t even come up with a good title – “Mixed Nuts”? Sheesh), I thought I’d hand you off to a few fine folks…

THE WHO at A Cultured Left Foot
: Howzabout hearing a complete show by the Who? It took place October 3rd, 1975 in Stafford, UK. I’m sending you over to Stuart’s site, A Cultured Left Foot, where he has the full show for download. As you’ll also see, the man loves his football (yes, soccer to us Yanks), and he knows how to write about it too.

The Who
: Live, Oct. 3, 1975 – Part One | Part Two

TALKING HEADS at Jefitoblog: Who wants a Talking Heads show? Jefito has a full 1978 show available in his latest Bootleg City post.

Talking Heads: Live, Sept. 16, 1978

THE RAMONES / CBGB’s: John at Crooks and Liars has a video of the Ramones at CBGB’s.

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