A Monday Mixed Bag

Ry Cooder - Buddy the Cat

Happy Monday. Joy joy! A few odds and end here:

WILCO streamed their new album, Sky Blue Sky, on their web site over the weekend. Pretty cool idea to hold a special listening party for their fans. I’m sure people have grabbed, ripped and torn the show into mp3’s, but I’m not pursuing. I’m exercising patience. But they do have an mp3 from the album available on their site. It’s called “What Light”. If you want to download it, go to their web site. If you want to hear it right here, right now…..

Wilco – “What Light

A READER threw a request my way for a Clash show I posted way back when. You can download the individual mp3’s here if you want. It’s May 9, 1981 in Lille, France. Highly recommended for all Clash City Rockers. RIP Joe Strummer. Here’s a taste of the show….

The Clash – “Bank Robber

TOMORROW IS A GREAT DAY here in the U.S. for new releases in DVD and CD land.

1. Borat! I’m a big fan of Da Ali G Show, but I still haven’t seen this movie. That will change now. Borat – Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is released to the masses on DVD.

2. Arcade Fire‘s new CD, Neon Bible, is released. I love the energy this band exudes, and you can’t beat Win Butler’s voice, IMO.

Buy: Neon Bible

3. Ry Cooder is an American musical treasure. Tuesday sees the release of My Name is Buddy, a collection of depression-era / dust bowl ballads from the vantage point of Buddy the Cat, Lefty Mouse, and Reverend Tom Toad. I’m not kidding.

Buy: My Name Is Buddy


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