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American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were on tonight. I watched a little bit. Quick observations:

  • I still don’t get Mary J. Blige or Jay Z. Jay Z played his Budweiser song. It made me think of a Budweiser commercial.
  • I respect the Dixie Chicks for standing up to the right wingers and all, but the song they performed tonight? Zzzzz…
  • I really like Jimmy Kimmel’s sense of humor. And his show.
  • I felt very sorry for Barry Manilow during his performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “What the World Needs Now”. Out of place (and out of face, for that matter – plastic surgery gone a wee bit too far).
  • The show was so tame and safe that I actually enjoyed Fall Out Boy’s performance. Finally, a little rock & roll.
  • Nelly Furtado is hot.
  • I’m writing like Larry King in his USA Today column.
  • I realized that I’ve grown a little too old for the AMA’s. My heyday for the AMA’s was the 80’s, and I still remember this 1985 performance; to this day, my favorite live performance of “Purple Rain”…


  • Michael K

    I watched the very beginning and actually laughed out loud when Jimmy Kimmel said that the winners would have 25 seconds to make their acceptance speeches, and that Kanye West would have time for a rebuttal.

  • Arthur

    Take a moment to think about it…

    It’s 1985, “Purple Rain” has made him a star, and he performs a 7-minute BALLAD on national television! Not “Let’s Go Crazy,” not “When Doves Cry,” but THIS! And the entire building is going nuts. Legend.

  • Eric

    yech. I watched the AMAs up until the time Barry Manilow came on. It was at that point I truly decided I’d had enough. That show just reaffirms for me that “popular” music is in a sad state of affairs.

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