Prince at the Super Bowl

It’s official. The NFL has locked down Prince as this year’s halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl in Miami (Feb. 4th). In one year’s time, Prince will have appeared on American Idol, set up a regular gig in Vegas, and performed at the Super Bowl. Not something I could have predicted.

Thanks to Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”, I guess Prince will probably keep his ass-less pants in a Minneapolis closet. Not that he would ever shock on that level again. The raunchy Prince is a thing of the past. “Sexuality”, one of his great early songs from 1981’s Controversy, is being performed these days as “Spirituality”. And I’m not kidding. But that’s not to imply that the man can’t rock and funk the shit out of a place. He can still do that like no other. But damn dang, sometimes I miss Prince “I sincerely wanna fu-k the taste out of your mouth” Rogers Nelson.

Ah well, I’ll be watching. Here’s the commercial…


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