Start your week right: The Shirelles


Thanks again to David Johansen and his Mansion of Fun for continuing to introduce me to amazing new music, which in this case happens to be 44 years old.

The Shirelles: Everybody Loves a Lover (mp3)


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  • Jshua

    Ok, now you’re going at my roots…

    Where I’ve had to hear a thousand times about how my Mom and Godmother used to check everyone out in the D.C. area at the local show via the “chitlin circuit”, etc, etc, etc……

    The Shirelles were one of them along w/ James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Ramsey Lewis, Smokey………

    Anyways, thanx for this post!

    And can you believe that I was actually raised in the church after these days were over?!?!?!


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