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Lucinda Live in Harrisburg

lucinda williams

After hearing this terrific recording of Lucinda Williams‘ March 28th show in Harrisburg, PA, it’s pretty apparent I better buy tickets to see her live on May 4th at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. She’s on the road in support of her latest album, West, out on Lost Highway Records.

Lucinda’s dynamic, raw, and very genuine presence is alive and well in this show. On the last four tracks, she’s joined by Alejandro Escovedo. The masses can have their Faith Hills, their Carrie Underwears Underwoods and Martina McBrides. Beneath the surface, we have Lucinda. And God, does she kick ass.

Pretty great quality here, methinks you’ll like.

Lucinda Williams
The Forum, Harrisburg, PA
March 28th, 2007
w/ special guest Alejandro Escovedo

Drunken Angel (false start)
Drunken Angel
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (false start)
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Lake Charles
Fancy Funeral
Crescent City
I Lost It
Out of Touch
Too Cool to be Forgotten
Come On
Unsuffer Me
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
Joy *
Get Right With God **
Everything Has Changed **
West **

* with Alejandro Escovedo
** with Alejandro Escovedo and his orchestra


  • Eric

    thanks for the great post. For whatever reason, I only recently discoved Lucinda Williams, but I’ve been playing the hell out of the West album.

  • BlueSkyMine

    I’m so glad that I’m not the thirty-something guy in the world that says Carrie Underwear in their head every time he hears Carrie Underwood.

    Lucinda is amazing, I was turned onto her back in the early 90’s when I found out she wrote Mary Chapin-Carpenters “Passionate Kisses”. She is an incredible songwriter and extremely underrated as a performer. Thanks for this one Pete!

  • BillyBlog

    Dude. Awesome.

    Thanks much. I saw her at Radio City the week before and this is as close to a boot of that show as I can find. She played Hard Time Killing Floor Blues there too, and grabbing this just for that cover is worth the whole kit and kaboodle.

    I am eternally grateful.

  • Eric M.

    Nice post Ick!
    Lucinda is one of my favorites but I have had trouble getting into “West”. Too down. Maybe I need to see her live….

  • Cove

    Just saw Lucinda perform to close the day at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and it was an awesome set, very much like the one you posted. I agree with Eric that the new stuff is a little hard to get into, but her whole show is great live. Thanks for posting this, Pete!

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