Sunday Mini-Ick-Mix-Ness

A trip through a variety of tunes today…

To commemorate Paris Hilton’s first trip to the slammer, we start off with …

Steve Earle and the V-RoysIn the Jailhouse Now (mp3) – from Songs of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute

One of those songs that is perpetually in my head. “Sunday night and it’s half past nine…”

Bruce CockburnNorthern Lights (mp3) – from Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws

Heard this on the radio a few days ago for the first time in years. Excellent tune, great lyrics… it’s Cracker…

CrackerEurotrash Girl (mp3) – from Greatest Hits Redux

Upon hearing this song for the first time, my three year old daughter proclaimed: “This song scares me daddy”. Daddy turned it off. Another Italian film soundtrack that I heard on David Johansen’s Mansion of Fun.

Franco Ferrara & Goffredo PetrassiPer Cercare Consolazione (mp3) – from Cronaca Familiare (Score)

A new tune from Sri Lankan hip hop lovin’ seductress M.I.A.

M.I.A.Hit That (mp3) – unreleased, see her wacked out MySpace page

An old school joint from Masta Ace…

Masta AceBorn to Roll (mp3) – from Sittin’ on Chrome

To finish it off, a beautiful tune by da Cope….

Citizen CopeSideways (mp3) – from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings


  • nicholas

    what a solid post u have right there.. not many can go from euro trash girl to some masta ace. i would take my hat off to u but it seems as tho im patting my own back aswell.. anyways. keep up the good work ;]

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