A Tasty Prince Aftershow at 3121 Jazz Cuisine

Fresh news out of the purple camp today, as Prince announced at a press conference that he will be setting up shop in London later this summer for 21 dates. These are the announced gigs, he’s also hinted at a healthy smattering of his infamous club aftershows. All I have to say about this is… BUGGER! BUGGER ! BUGGER! You Brits are in for something special.He also said he’d be mixing up the set list nightly, and even inviting Amy Winehouse out to perform with him. Apparently, he’s quite taken by the sexy soulful sot (as am I). After these dates, he’s taking some time off to study the good book. Doesn’t he know that the third commandment is “Thou Shalt Go On Tour for Pete’s Sake(th)??”

So speaking of aftershows, the first glimpse into one of the 3121 Jazz Cuisine aftershows has surfaced. Prince and his band usually hit the main stage at his 3121 club around midnight and play a 90 minute set or so. Not long after that, the band will occasionaly set up inside 3121 Jazz Cuisine, which is Prince’s own fancy shmancy restaurant. It’s an intimate affair (so I’ve heard), and only a lucky few are allowed in (for a fee). There’s also an adjoining room where people can look into the main room from afar (for a fee too – the man knows how to make money). Maybe someone who has attended can offer some insight into the experience.

This was Prince’s first night back at the Rio after his Super Bowl performance, so he was undoubtedly riding a high. His hits were covered during the main set earlier in the evening. As his aftershows tend to be, especially his recent ones, plenty of cover tunes are played, and the spotlight is handed over to others. In this case, Shelby and Sheila E. feature prominently, but the man gets his licks in too.

Check out the unbelievably sick groove they lay down with Billy Cobham’s “Stratus”. He also plays “Wasted Kisses”, a rarely played tune off his less than popular 1998 album, ‘New Power Soul‘. And you get your old school soul & funk, as they pull out the Rufus, Wild Cherry, Sly, and the Ohio Players. And a Coltrane cover to boot? *sigh* Enjoy, Europe.



  • jazzmaster

    Hey, Pete… I haven’t had a chance to listen to the Jazz Cafe stuff yet, but it’s on my TO DO list for today! 🙂

    I had heard about the Amy Winehouse reference yesterday as well. How cool is that?! I just got her disc last week and it has been in steady rotation ever since. Very cool, indeed!

    BTW, I love the “for Pete’s sake (th)” reference. By all means… Tour the US, Prince!!!

  • Pasta

    Thanks man!! This is awesome. Also, FYI, on Dimeadozen…someone had posted a few 3121 shows…quality all around!.

  • Charlie

    Awesome! I never get tired of Prince news. I listened to Amy Winehouse (Back to Black) this morning. I’d be scared to party with that chick. I’m thinking she’d drink me under the table…. 2 times. Regardless, Prince only surrounds himself with the most talented muscians and singers so there is no doubt she’s got star power.

  • Marco

    thank you so much for this one pete; attended an early March show at 3123, but could not get into the aftershow at Jazz Cuisine (… entrace for prince’s friends, vip’s, big sharks & whales only), even that i scratched my fingers bloody at the doorstep … now i can listen 24 h ’round to this fantastic aftershow. thanks, just fab & sweet …

  • ioway

    from a french fan of the guy , thanks a lot for this precious share.
    I discovered your incredible site too late to listen to the japanese last show of the revolution, but now, i know you, which is a great news for me!
    Thanks again, C U.

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