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Local IckMusic: What Laura Says Thinks and Feels

what laura says thinks and feels

As a married pops of two living in the sticks outside of Phoenix, my days of spending five out of every seven nights bar-hopping and band-watching have come to an end. So my knowledge of the local music scene is pretty much limited to the local press and the occasional night out.

Today, a columnist for the Phoenix New Times posted about a cool local band on his blog. The title of his piece is ‘Annals of Bad Band Names’, and he has a valid point in this case: the band’s name is What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. They may have a good story behind the name, so I won’t judge. And after hearing these tunes, I was willing to overlook the silly name, because this stuff is infectious… a retro feel but completely unique at the same time. Folky, trippy, Brit-poppy, Brian Wilson-y.

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What Laura Says Thinks and FeelsCouldn’t Lose Myself If I Tried (mp3)

The New Times post has another tune you can listen to.

Their MySpace has three other tunes, including a nice soft one called “Dot Dot Dot” (reminds me of Kings of Convenience). And of course it’s excellent karma to support an unsigned band, so go to their CD Baby page and pick up their album. Or get it on iTunes. After listening to these songs, I think a lot of you will.


  • pdub

    A retro-funky, rockin good band!
    I’ve seen these blokes at several valley night spots and they always have a great show. Their sound is fresh, vivacios, and Funkadelic! I bought their album and it is in my current rotation…and will be for a while. Make it a point to check these guys out live and/or buy their album. You’ll be happy you did. The name is not important…its the music man…it’s all about the music! Although…who is Laura anyway?

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