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Odds and Ends

N’Awlins: Check out these amazing photos from the just wrapped-up Jazz Fest in New Orleans, which I plan to attend next year for the very first time. Who’s in? Hidden Track has the hot pics here. Photos courtesy of Danfun. Great fargin’ photos, Dan!

This is what it’s like in the Dream Factory: For some old school Prince goodness, head over to Gonzo’s place for a trip to The Dream Factory.

Ain’t that a bitch: Need more of a Prince fix? Head over to Horse Latitudes for a cool remix of “Bob George”.

Jefitoblog’s Latest Bootleg City: Jefito’s keepin’ it real with some classic ’77 Van Halen. The real Van Halen!

Save Internet Radio: New Orleans musicians unite to keep internet radio alive.

Charlie Rose Interviews Online: Over 4,000 hours of quality Charlie Rose interviews are archived in video format online, including this hour long interview with the Boss.

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  • Paul Watson

    The Springsteen interview – excellent; it’s always a pleasure to hear Bruce talk about his music.
    Thanks for posting it!

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