Prince’s Planet Earth – A Track List

Here is what’s alleged to be the track listing from Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, due out July 24th on Columbia Records. Even song names can make Prince geeks like us salivate.

1. Planet Earth
2. Guitar
3. Somewhere Here On Earth
4. The One U Wanna C
5. Future Baby Mama
6. Mr. Goodnight
7. All The Midnights In The World
8. Chelsea Rodgers
9. Lion Of Judah
10. Revelation

And just to confuse things, an alternate listing appears…

1. The Prophets
2. Somewhere (Here On Earth)
3. U Love Me
4. The Day 2day
5. Gia
6. If U Were Here
7. Guitar
8. 2 Fall In Love
9. Paradise
10. Here And There
11. NastyNasty
12. Planet Earth

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who cares (besides me)?



  • Justin

    As Rakim said “It’s Been A Long Time….”
    Been a while since I have been to the site, but I knew I could count for Pete for news about The Purple One’s new LP.

  • Icicle Kisses

    Seems like a lot of songs 2 just “Give Away” BUT I guess Prince is more interested in having people hear his music rather then making more $$$$$$$$$$$..Wish the 3 million CD’s were being given away in the US rather then the UK but I’ll just have 2 wait til the 24th & buy one…

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