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Rihanna’s Umbrella

You usually won’t find me too in touch with the Top 40 hits of the day (or the Hot 100 on Billboard), but Rihanna pulled me right in to this video. I could do without Jay-Z’s bantering at the beginning, but that’s what you get these days. Wherever you look on the charts, you get the obligatory Artist Name featuring currently hot hip-hop star. A quick scan of the Hot 100 shows:

  • T-Pain Feat. Yung Joc
  • T-Pain feat. Akon
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Akon
  • Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
  • Fergie feat. Ludacris
  • Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo
  • D.J. Khaled feat. T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, and Baby
  • and a lot more

Maybe I’m old and grumpy, but that pisses me off (for no particular reason). And that Akon, what a class act he is.

But back to Rihanna. I genuinely like this song. What’s not to like about a hot 19 year old from Barbados. *slap* Snap out of it Pete.

To quote the great Borat: “Wa wa woo wah!”


  • BlueSkyMine

    Glad to see I’m not alone on this one. Before I even saw the video I was intrigued as to how a song where the second syllable of a word is repeated ad nauseum could make my head bob and foot tap so damned much.

    I’ve got to stand up for Ne-Yo though. He may be a poor man’s Michael Jackson but he does write some great tunes (not just for himself).

    Akon is a talentless waste of air.

    I don’t even know who some of those other folks are… I must be old and grumpy too.

  • Bo-bella

    I love this song! But then again of course I do because I’m a top 40’s kind of girl. Kiddos like it too. Lots of heads boppin’ in my car when it’s blaring through the speakers. I’m so cool.

    I like all of Rihanna’s songs but now I like her even more. I didn’t realize she was so hot! 😉

  • Eric

    I also love Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape”, featuring Akon. My God, talk about catchy, infectious stuff. There’s still a little true “pop” music on the radio. I even bought the damn song from Itunes!

  • Zack

    I’ll stick up for Jay-Z on this one. Yes, he’s a ubiquitous presence, but seriously, The Black Album is one of the best hip hop albums of the last decade. What I also like about Jay-Z is his general character – a pretty smart lyricist/producer, not to mention an astute businessman. In comparison to a lot of the hip hop stars out there, he’s a pretty solid role model for the youth, I think.

    I didn’t even know Bone Thugs and Harmony still existed.

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