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Los Lobos – Be Still

A majestic Los Lobos tune. One of those songs where I picture the singer (David Hidalgo in this case) standing atop a high hill, tall green meadow grasses all around, looking over the Pacific Ocean sunset. Love the way the intro transitions into the great lyrics. Inspiring…

Los LobosBe Still (mp3) – from this amazing box set: El Cancionero: Mas y Mas

Be Still
(David Hidalgo/Louie Pérez)

Let the calm, calm blue waters through
Wash your soul, passing right through you
Like the smallest rose out of the hardest ground
Like a tiny hand reaching up for the sun.
Let us pray that our hearts are one
The toughest love is the strongest one
Like a crippled man fights his bitter pain
On two tired legs that hope to walk once again
Stay gold and be still.

As we grow, a river flows
Through our hearts
Finding peace wherev’r it may go

Let the pure, pure blue waters through
Don’t let the wind take ’em away from you,
like the littlest star shines in the darkest night
Like a mother’s egg brings in a new life
Stay gold and be still
Pray that we all can stay gold and be still.


  • Pete

    Now let me clarify… it’s not my Hey Delilah by any means… the one viewing of the YouTube video was the extent of my interaction with that song..

    Now THIS, this is the stuff I keep going back to the well for….

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