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The Amazing Bielanko Brothers

I first discovered Marah through a Steve Earle interview I read where he mentioned that “Let’s Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later Tonight”, their 1998 debut album, was one of his favorite albums of the year. He went on to sign them to his label, and they released 2000’s ‘Kids in Philly’. They are a fresh, no BS, bare bones rock n’ roll band, full of such innovative and imaginative lyrics, and on top of that, they rock out with a banjo. Dave and Serge Bielanko of Philadelphia are the masterminds behind Marah. They released “20,000 Streets under the Sky” last year, another great release.

If you EVER get the chance to see these guys live, please do. I saw them twice in 2000: once opening for Steve Earle at House of Blues in Hollywood, and a few days later in a small sweat-soaked bar (Long Wong’s) in my then hometown of Tempe, AZ. It was about 200 friggin’ degrees in there, and I was drinking Hefe Weizen like it was lemonade, sitting 5 feet from the band. Certainly one of the most incredible live show experiences of my life. Some kind soul recorded the show and shared it with me so I can always go back and listen to my WOOOs. They have a large following in Europe and tour extensively there, so keep your eyes open overseas as well. You won’t be disappointed.

So this is my favorite song from their debut. Listen, enjoy, and check out more of their music…

Listen: Marah – Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft (mp3)
Buy: ‘Let’s Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later Tonight’ on Amazon

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