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What the Kids Are Listening to: Plain White T’s

Okay, so I’m 36 years old, not ancient by any means, but what I am realizing is how increasingly disconnected I am with the current popular music scene. So I’m inspired to start a new Sunday series called “What the Kids are Listening To”, a chance for us, the disconnected ones, to take a look and listen to what’s on the kiddies’ iPods. I’ll pick one out of the top 5 and we’ll all watch the video and comment. Be as nice or un-nice as you please (example, Jen from my recent Rihanna video post felt this way: “This song makes me want to dig out my eardrums with a fork.”)

Here’s this week’s chart:

I announced my affection for Rihanna and her sexy umbrella a couple of weeks ago, so tonight I pick the only non-R&B / hip-hop tune of the bunch, which is “Hey There Delilah”, a song by the Plain White T’s. It’s sentimental, catchy, acoustic pop. And you know what? Not bad! My first thought upon hearing it was that it wouldn’t sound out of place on an Old 97’s record. It has that mellow Rhett Miller vibe for sho’. Sure, it’s as sappy as a maple tree, but I’ll take it any day over “Party Like a Rock Star” or “Buy You a Drank”.


Check out the Plain White T’s album, Every Second Counts.


  • Paul

    There’s an overabundance of hip-hop on the radio today, but hell, that’s what “the kids” are listening to. I’ve been hearing this song alot too, since my daughter’s name is Delilah…..

  • Dan

    If I hear that frickin’ Delilah song one more time I am throwing my radio out the window. Perfect example of the candy-ass music that is popular today and why kids today can keep what they are listening to to themselves.

  • Jeffro

    That’s their one “acoustic emotional ballad” – while it’s OK for what it is, I believe most of their stuff is more of the power pop variety – and it’s quite catchy.

  • Py Korry

    I’ve been hearing this one quite a bit on the radio, and you’re right: the song isn’t half bad. It kind of reminds me of Deathcab for Cutie or even Lifehouse (in a small way).

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