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What the Kids are Listening To: Fergie

The five top songs on this week’s Billboard Top 100 are the same as last week. Boring, but I’ll continue on with week 2 of “What the Kids are Listening To”… this week, we look at Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. I can’t say the song does anything for me. Very manufactured, and very much targeted to all of the young heartsick girls out there. I gotta hand it to Fergie though, she’s risen from her roots on the TV show Kids Incorporated, through her time in the Black Eyes Peas, and emerged as a very successful solo artist. Not even a little on-stage squirt in her pants will deter her or her fans.

So here’s the video. It is me, or is she dressed like a blonde Milli Vanilli at the beginning? And I love the hard-ass punk look on her band, playing what couldn’t be any further away from hard-ass or punk.

Final verdict on this one: disinterested.


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  • Bo-bella

    Fergie peeing her pants is gross. Especially because it’s probably not pee.

    But I like Fergies ‘Big girls don’t cry,’ and pretty much every song on Fergalicious. I’m a top 40 kind of girl though.

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