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What the Kids are Listening to: A Bay Bay!

Look out, Billboard Hot 100, Hurricane Chris is stormin’ up the charts! I’ve expanded my weekly look of the Billboard Hot 100 from the top five to the top ten (since the same five songs have been in the top 5 since I started this a couple of weeks ago).

Hurricane Chris comes in at #8 this week. Chris is from Shreveport, Louisiana. He was born in 1989 (!), and he’s got a hit single. It will make you a) bob your head, b) shake your head and ponder the current state of popular music, or c) both.

Warning: whether you care for or loathe this song, the phrase “A Bay Bay, A Bay Bay” will be ringing in your head for the foreseeable future.



One more thing…
A Bay Bay.
A Bay Bay.


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