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31 Positions On 21 Night Stands…

21 Nights

21 Nights of Prince and the question stands… will he play the same set every night? Will we get 21 identical sets? Add 21 after shows with 21 versions of “Footprints”, “Stratus” and “Crazy”?

What do you guys and gals want (or not want) to hear?

It looks like the whole UK shebang was kicked off with “Purple Rain” and after hearing the 7/7/07 show I have to say that it’s beginning to really sound like he wants to ‘get it out of the way’ as opposed to the celebration that it was as recent as the Musicology tour and the spectacular (albeit abbreviated) Super Bowl performance.

Booking a 21 night stand is a pretty risky proposal for just about any artist. But Prince has the catalog, hits and all, to back it up – provided he does not do the unimaginable and leave his song book at home. It’s time to show and prove Prince, don’t you wanna come…

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