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Rockberry Jam

You’re just gonna have to indulge me a bit here, as I rifle through my hundreds of albums and cassettes, and get nostalgic about the music of yesteryear. I’m not sure if the words “Where the hell is my Georgio album?” have ever been uttered before, but they were last night! Don’t worry, I’ll track it down.

But another 80’s gem I uncovered last night was the L.A. Dream Team‘s 1986 album (okay, tape), Kings of the West Coast. Rudy Pardee and Chris Wilson were an L.A. area duo who were one of the first to marry up electronic music with rapping. Others around that era were the Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin’ Cru (Dr. Dre was a member).

One of my favorites from the album is this side two standout track featuring the smooth and sultry “Miss Rockberry”.

L.A. Dream TeamRockberry Jam (mp3)

Buy Kings of the West Coast (OOP, but available used)


  • msniknik

    I need some help. My boyfriend of 6yrs and father of my child, is in search of the family of rudy pardee. He is the son of rudy pardee, he never got a chance to meet him, and is really trying to find out if he had any other kids. Every website we have searched have turned up dead ends, so if anyone has any info email me at shenik3@aol.com or aim me pleassssseeeeeee.

    • charmdhour

      I worked with him and went ot his funeral and he had no children. You sure your boyfriend is telling the truth?
      Talk to ihs old partner. This is his real site and will answer. I contacted him in the past regarding Rudy. You do know pardee was not his real last name? There are allot of scammers out there.

      Here is his contact ..

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