Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen’s Magic – the cover?

Here’s an unconfirmed, but possible cover to Bruce’s new album, due out October 2nd.

Bruce and non-Bruce fans: thoughts? Cool cover? Badass Bruce? Grumpy Bruce?

I vote gritty, badass Boss. Sort of the 21st century version of Darkness-era Bruce. It could be the real deal, or it could be that someone combined a new Boss pic and some Photoshop skills. We’ll see…

Update: Amazon has it up on their site. It’s looking like the real deal: Magic


  • Julie

    HEY!! You got rid of the Bruce Forum!!

    cool album cover (if it is). bruce looks like a cross between Dylan and Keith Richards. REALLY looking forward to this and the tour!

  • michaeld

    Not sure about whether this will be the cover or not. I will say that I’m thinkin this one will be a little more punky spirited than others. Clearly speculation…

  • Thierry

    I don’t know about this cover – or the title of the record, for that matter (a little too Olivia Newton-John for my taste) – but something tells me we are in for a full-on rock record from Bruce. We’ve had the political folk, the mournful elegiac rock, the acoustic rock, the exuberant folk hootenanny…time for Bruce’s lean, mean rock’n’roll record.

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