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Amy Winehouse steps out at the Mercury Awards

Speaking of Ms. Winehouse, who Michael mentioned in his Sharon & the Dap-Kings post (the Dap-Kings also being Amy’s backing band on Back to Black), after going through what I would call a rough few weeks, she made an appearance at Tuesday night’s Mercury Awards in the UK.

I’m pulling for her. Though her voice harkens back to the 60’s soul singers, there’s something that’s fresh and original about her. I’m bummed that she cancelled her upcoming tour dates. I was excited about catching her in Austin. But the important thing is that she gets her shit straight, and judging by her performance of “Love is a Losing Game” Tuesday night, I think she’s on her way. Though I don’t think that classy husband of hers is doing any good….

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5LsdEqSQO4 336 278]

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  • Michael

    I’m a fan of her music as well (I realize that I may have come across as harsh in my post), I find that it’s sometimes hard to ignore the over-exposure the media places on the ‘next big thing’.

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