Prince In London Video

Since Prince is deputizin’ Web Sheriff to take back the internet from the Youtube’s and those troublesome fans of his music, I won’t try to embed the sweet video he has up on his site, or post an image of his purpleness. But that looks like a pretty sweet Prince tennis racquet.

The video is Prince during one of his recent London shows, plowing with great force through “Joy in Repetition”, “Anotherloverholenyohead”, and “Peach”. But ya can’t view it here. That would be unacceptable.

Here’s the Link to the video on Prince’s site,; All Praise to Paisley Park Enterprises; May U Live to See the Dawn and not a Cease & Desist Letter from the purple lawyers:


  • Simon

    I went to see him on Friday and it was a kind of strange experience. The show started off well and gradually ran out of steam. He seemed to be going through the motions a little bit. The final bit of the show was just him at a keyboard throwing off a verse or chorus here and there of his hits with almost disdain. Then he left for almost twenty minutes with the house lights up and a lot of people leaving only to come on for a paltry two songs. Then of course the house lghts went on again and everybody stayed for anoyher twnety minutes only to get an announcement that he wasn’t coming back. I haven’t seen such an anticlmatic end to a concert in a long time. The dancers were great though!

  • Jonathan

    It was anticlimatic, yes, but it wasn’t the end – I guess you weren’t lucky enough to get an aftershow ticket!

    Prince came on at 1.30 am and didn’t stop playing until 4.30. Now THAT was a way to end a 21-gig marathon.

  • Simon

    Would have loved to have stayed for the after show party, but not sure our babysitter would have been too happy! Can only go on what I saw and it was a bit of a let down to be honest. If he wants to save all his energy for the aftershow then I would suggest he is selling the other 18,000 who didn’t go a bit short.

  • kels

    That video is awesome. Some of the best guitar solos on Prince has officially put record since The Undertaker movie. Why oh why did he FADE OUT during the “Guitar” solo on Planet Earth?!?!?! As I think you, ickmusic, previously pointed out, here’s hoping for a 12″ single full length of that track soon.

  • Pete

    Mod – a DVD would make perfect sense, but we all know that Prince’s business decisions often don’t (e.g. where is the U.S. tour supporting the new album?). Does he have to be so unorthodox??

  • kels

    Speaking of business decisions, I read on that the Guardian is giving away Prince’s Sign of The Times DVD this Sunday – while there still isn’t an official release in America yet. What gives?

    On a happier note, I just heard parts of Prince’s last night of the London residency. “Guitar” was AWESOME. That will tide me over until a better studio version surfaces.

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