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In Rainbows

So Radiohead announced that they are putting another nail in the music industry’s coffin over the weekend by releasing their new album digitally (DRM free, no less) in 9 days for however much you are willing to pay. So the question is, how much are you willing to pay?

Personally, I will pay $10 USD. Why $10 you ask? Here’s the breakdown of my logic (and be careful, this might get complex), there are 10 tracks on the new record, so I’ll gladly give the band a dollar per track for the right to listen to it on my iPod. Could I legally download it for free? It certainly appears so, but I want to support an act that I’ve enjoyed over the years. So what would you pay for a download of new music from your favorite artist?

Pre-Order In Rainbows Here

Link: Official Site


  • kels

    After factoring in the three dozen live Radiohead bootlegs I’ve come into over the years, I plunked down the $82 for the disc box. A.) the package looks hot; B.) I love b-sides; C.) Why not, you only live once.

  • Jeffro

    I’d have to agree with you – $10 USD is what I find reasonable for a new CD from a retail outlet, like Amazon. Plus, I’m always more inclined to buy a CD directly from a band if possible, since it usually means that more money goes right to the band, and nobody else is taking a cut.

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