Always Make a Good First Impression

In Rainbows

42 Minutes and 34 seconds later and I’ll admit that the new Radiohead record In Rainbows is worth every pence of the £5.45 I paid for it. Immediate standouts are “Nude”, “Bodysnatchers” and “Faust Arp”. Quirky and challenging, this record will take a few listens to fully appreciate, but it makes a stunning first impression. Anyone else enjoying this record this morning?

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  • kels

    A agree. The e-mail came in around 10p last night and within 2 minutes, I was immersed in the sound. Fresh. Rhythmic. Exciting. A return to greatness and a giant leap forward. As for all the whiners complaining about the 160 bit rate, they need to go Flac themselves. True audiophiles will have the Discbox on their front steps before Christmas. This year saw Springsteen (Magic), Prince (Planet Earth) and even Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff (Not an Exit) release some of the best music in their careers. Gives one hope The Rolling Stones still have one more good album in em.

  • Dan

    I try to keep my reactions in check until I listen to something 10 times or so, but I really like the rhythms. Very unique for them, and though some of the guitars, keyboards and Thom’s intoning feel familiar, the beats seem like something we haven’t heard from them before (not that the drums have ever been lacking – “There There” is one of my favorite drum beats around).

  • Brian

    I’m on my 3rd time through, and I’m liking it quite a bit, but like Dan said, repeated listenings are needed. That’s a good sign, though, that I WANT to listen rather than feeling like I should listen (I’m looking at you, Amnesiac)

    BTW, I paid 4 pounds, and I felt a little silly doing that, knowing that I’ll buy the CD when it comes out. Felt like a statement of sorts, though saying what I’m not sure.

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