In April, I turned into an Apple guy when I bought a new iMac. I also have my iPod, and, as of a few weeks ago, an iPhone (can you say L-o-v-e?). So call me heavily biased in favor of Jobs & Co.

So next week, Microsoft will release 2 new models of their media player, the Zune. One is the 80 GB player, “available in any color you want, as long as it’s black *“. Haha – love that. The other is a flash based model with less space – either 4gb or 8gb. Zune has the capability to wirelessly share music with other Zune users – though they are limited to 3 plays of the song. And starting next week, Zune users will be able to wirelessly synch with their PC. Lots of other features too

But the point of this post is this: I have never ever met anyone with a Zune. I haven’t even seen one. So I pose these questions to you guys and gals…

Is there anyone out there who has a Zune?
Or do you know anyone who has a Zune?
Or are you like me: iPods rule the roost among your family, friends, and co-workers.

Just curious.


  • Jim

    They are rare, but some of them sold. They really pushed the “social” aspect with the sharing of DRM’d tracks, but as you pointed out the limits on plaing them and the rarity of finding another Zuner has this feature withering on the vine.

    The first round of these devices was not reviewed well. They are not bad players, just not any better than other players that are cheaper. Many who are looking for a player without the Apple FairPlay DRM (meaning you bought it from iTMS) just did not want to trade one DRM for another and did not pick these up like Chairman Bill had hoped. I understand this release made the controls easier to use, but still has the DRM albatross.

    It seems the iPod has what people want and their DRM isn’t killing most users. Those who really feel the weight of the DRM can find very good players for less.

  • Jim

    Ah, there is one out there! Kaycee knows a Zune owner.

    Kaycee, what is better for you: Screen, sound, interface, communication with the PC? I know so little about them from friendly experience. What is the draw?

  • Dan

    Sandisk Sansa 8 gb for a little over $100, expandable, great sound + FM + voice record. Plays mp3, wma. Plus video. Best purchase I ever made.

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