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Pistols do Leno, Lose Cred?

This is a couple of weeks old, but worth a look for those who haven’t seen it. This is the Sex Pistols on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno singing “Anarchy in the UK” (Ron Paul was the guest that night).  It’s a good version, mind you, but isn’t this not supposed to happen?

Could appearing on the most homogenized, lowest common denominator late night show be considered any less punk? Yeah yeah, the Pistols are reunited, they need to sell some tickets – but still – at the very least, shun Leno for Letterman!
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTF4cO7gUOg 336 278]


  • Andy

    Jesus, first johnny goes into real estate.
    Then goes on im a celebrity
    Now mclaren goes on im a celebrity, storms out to get noticed
    Now they reform, look about as depressing as the stones and put the final bullet in the head of punk.

    Dammit fellas, you had enough money, why?

  • todd

    Johnny Rotten doing a Robbie Williams stage performance. The vocals were good but his attempts to Not dance to a 30 year old song were amuzing. I found myself hoping that it was toilet paper hanging from the back of his pants, just for something subversive.

  • Stephen in England

    I can only apologise. As a serving soldier in the Great Punk Rock war of 76-77 is this what I fought for? What a wanker. Kinda funny though. In the early 70s I listened to Steely Dan. Then I listened to The Pistols. Now I listen to Steely Dan. Who won in the end?

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