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Ickmusic Giveaway: New Joshua Tree Deluxe Edition

I’m about to make a U2 fan – or the U2 fan in someone’s life – very happy. I have a fresh copy of the newly remastered Joshua Tree album. But not only that. This is the deluxe edition, baby, and includes a second CD of B-sides and demos from the original sessions. It’s got a beautiful hard cover booklet to go with it – and I can’t quite figure out why I’m not greedily grasping on to it, but I’m givin’ it away. Must be the Christmas spirit. It’s certainly not due to the dismal amount of comments I’ve been receiving around here lately – you slackers.

So as exhibited in a giveaway of yore – we honor U2’s roots and return to the Irish limerick contest. This one has to be good. Here are some groundrules:

  • Leave a Comment below with your limerick. Be sure to include your email address (no one else can see it).
  • It has to at least loosely adhere to the rules of a limerick. A rhyming scheme of AABBA. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on limericks. Or follow the steps here.
  • It has to mention a member of U2: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, or Larry Mullen.
  • Bonus points for working in a lyric or song name.
  • UPDATED: I’ll allow 2 entries per person if you’re inspired…
  • I’ll pick my favorite from the Comments in a week or so.

Leave ’em in the comments below and let her rip! Good luck!

Now for some assorted U2 goodness…

Find out more about the new Joshua Tree release after the jump.

U2’s The Joshua Tree has been meticulously remastered from the original analog master tapes to mark 20 years since its release and will be available on November 20, 2007.

“There has been continuous demand from U2 fans to have The Joshua Tree properly re-mastered,” says Paul McGuinness. “As always, the band had to make sure it was right, and now it is.”

In 1987, The Joshua Tree reached Number 1 around the world and won a Grammy© for Album of the Year, while U2 won the Brit Award for Best International Act and Time Magazine put the band on its cover, proclaiming them “Rock’s Hottest Ticket”. Including the singles “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Where The Streets Have No Name” and “With Or Without You,” The Joshua Tree went on to sell in excess of 20 million.

The album will be available in four formats:

  • A standard CD featuring liner notes from Bill Flanagan, lyrics and unseen photographs from long time collaborator Anton Corbijn.
  • A double 12″ gatefold vinyl format, with the original album pressed across two 180 gram audiophile discs.
  • A deluxe edition including a second CD of b-sides and demos from the original album sessions.
  • A limited edition box set containing two CD’s and a DVD featuring The Joshua Tree Tour live from the Hippodrome in Paris and other rare video footage.

The CD track listing is as follows: “Where The Streets Have No Name,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “With Or Without You,” “Bullet The Blue Sky,” “Running To Stand Still,” “Red Hill Mining Town,” “In God’s Country,” “Trip Through Your Wires,” “One Tree Hill,” “Exit” and “Mothers Of The Disappeared.”


  • r

    There once was a band from Dublin
    Who’s sound was mighty and rumblin’
    Their drummer was sullen
    His fate he was Mullen
    But a Beautiful Day was soon comin’

  • jeffro

    There once was a band called a plane
    With two guys who each had one name
    Feeding those with or without
    Sundays, bullets, and doubt
    With guitar lines that all sound the same

  • Jim

    Jeffro is awesome, I already lost this competition.

    But here is a response…

    They have much to say,
    about despair and dismay.
    They knew what it took,
    just one guitar hook,
    to increase our awareness each day.

  • Jim

    Scratch that , failed to adhere to the rules…

    Bono has much to say,
    about despair in the world today.
    The Edge knew what it took,
    just one guitar hook,
    to increase our awareness each day.

    Sorry for the double post Pete.

  • Tim Reza

    There once was a lurker named Tim
    Who tried for this prize on a whim
    “I may have an Edge”,
    “My bets I will Hedge”
    but didn’t realize his chances were Slim!

  • jazzmaster

    As a band, U2 is far from the worst
    In my book, however, their name is not first
    “Overrated! Too political!” Has long been my boast.
    “3-note guitar solos don’t garner a toast!”
    With a collector’s edition, though, that bubble might burst!


  • Edmund Conti

    “The Joshua Tree” points the way
    To four guys who really can play.
    With Clayton on bass
    I’ll just rest my case.
    Will this be their “Exit”? No way!

  • Rich K

    Their frontman once was known as Bono Vox
    He had god-awful 80’s mullet locks
    But the earnest “not a rebel song” Bono
    Soon became the ultra-hip MacPhisto
    And now I’d be honored to have the deluxe box!

  • Jim

    **NOT AN ENTRY**
    Daniel’s at a loss with Mullen.
    It’s Pete he’s trying to lull in.
    There is a box set in play,
    but he can’t seize the day.
    Perhaps he can bring Jethro Tull in?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Maybe it it time for a commentary culling?

  • Doug Harris

    The Edge said, “There’s a rumour it’s true
    That this band is just all about you.”
    Bono squealed, “It’s inclusive!”
    And then (waxing effusive) …
    “Here’s the proof – I have named it ‘You Too'”.

  • Doug Harris

    “Though I still haven’t found what I’ve lost” –
    Bono said. Edge’s smart-arse riposte:
    “It’s those posey sunglasses,
    They’re as dark as molasses!
    And ’tis time, in the bin, they were tossed”.

  • Pete

    Okay, clearly I should have mentioned one entry per person in the rules, but since Doug (a ringer?) has submitted two, I now declare a two submission max. I’ll update the rules.

    These are great!

  • Andy

    A tourbus was perched on a ledge,
    After the band drove it right thru a hedge.
    When Adam got out to check,
    Bono said “What the heck!”
    And he drove it right over the Edge.

  • Andy

    …a follow-up—after the wreck chronicled previously:

    Three quarters were dead, we do fear!
    When the bus o’er the cliff, it did veer.
    Though Bono felt sullen,
    He left behind Mullen,
    And launched his new solo career.

  • Dan

    I still haven’t found what I seek
    I’ve been out on the Edge for a week
    Running to stand still
    Up a one tree hill
    And I really need to take a leak

  • Dan

    2nd entry ( I really want this!)

    In the eighties this band ruled the game
    Before them, all others were lame
    But one question lingered
    Not about the singer,
    But a guitar player with a “The” for a name

    Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks. Tip your waitresses.

  • Pete

    ‘Twas Ickmusic Pete that felt sick
    ‘Cause only one winn’r he could pick
    He thought all were dandy
    but alas he picked Andy
    For dark humor did do the trick!

    Congrats Andy ! Stay tuned for more contests – in time, everyone will be a winna!

  • Dan

    The limericks I sent you were great
    Though I admit they were both a bit late
    You gave the CD away
    What can I say?
    Guess I’ll download at 128

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