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A Few Moments with Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell first came into my consciousness more than 20 years ago when Prince mentioned her as one of his biggest influences in an interview. He’s covered Joni’s “A Case of You” (“U”, naturally, when Prince does it) over the years, and “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” has that Joni influence as well.

Oh, I’ve heard “Big Yellow Taxi”, and I’ve seen her sing with The Band in The Last Waltz. But beyond that, not much Joni in my life.

But I heard her new single, “Shine”, in the car a few weeks ago (on Sirius of course – “terrestrial” radio would never play such a song – at least not in Phoenix: Radio Wasteland America). It’s a beautiful, fascinating song. I can’t quite measure the feeling it gives me. It’s contentment, but guilt. Joy and sadness, if that’s possible. Just read her amazing lyrics to this song. Well, listen first, then go back and read along the second time.

It’s raining steadily outside right now for the first time in ages. Has been all day. It’s dark, quiet, and all I hear are the rain and this beatiful song. They perfectly complement each other.

Joni Mitchell – Shine (mp3)

Buy: Shine

Joni’s Official Site

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  • bagan

    Pete; thanks for the great reading & thoughts about Joni’s music … she’s an all-time favourite of mine (… deeply love beautiful woman’s voices). Had to buy the album at Starbucks Coffee House, that’s the only place you can find it here in Switzerland. A strange way to distribute such a great CD, indeed …

    Cheers, Marco (bagan)

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