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My E Street Radio Segment

For those who want to listen in on my Sirius radio debut…first, random notes about my segment….

  • Sirius removed my web site plug! I didn’t see the harm in a mention of Ickmusic, but apparently they did. I was well on my way to getting a million people to donate a dollar. Sort of a bummer, but oh well.
  • In my last segment, while introducing “Drive All Night”, I didn’t realize I uttered the nonsensical string of words: “…the relationships came and go“. Wonderful usage of both past and present. Meant to say “came and went”, but ’twas not to be. What a clod.
  • They didn’t play the CD quality version of “Riding in My Car” that I requested. Instead we got a lower quality bootleg version. And then they went straight into the introduction to “Deportee”. Sort of awkward.
  • I talk pretty fast as it is. But the way the recording software works (cutting out the pauses) makes me sound like I’ve snorted a Tony Montana-size pile of booger sugar and slammed 5 Red Bulls. I don’t talk that fast.

But overall, I really enjoyed myself. If you’re a Boss fanatic, you should do it too. Call Sirius at 877-33-SIRIUS and put your name in. You can get your 30 minutes of Boss Geek Zen too.

Check out my segment here.


  • Cove

    Great show, Pete!! Wonderful job and song selection, even if they did speed you up!

    What happens when they call the toll-free number? Do callers get screened for possible selection as a DJ? Or does everone who calls in go straight into their recorder for your parts? Then what? Does the number prompt you to choose your songs and record your spoken parts?

  • Pete

    @Eric – dude, you should contact them, you never know! that would be cool segment for the Punk channel – having listeners recount the glory days of punk.

    @Cove – All that happens on the toll free number is yiou leave your name, contact info, and why you’d be a good pick for the segment. You should do it! Your Bruce / Jazz Fest story alone is worth it… go Cove!

  • Bo-bella

    Entertaining commentary and good song choices. You did a great job! I think you are the only one that is going to pick everything apart and the things you mentioned, like your voice being sped up. Bummer that they didn’t let you plug your website…oh well.

  • CRN2

    Good job, Pete! Next stop…world domination, right? I enjoyed your show and really appreciate your passion for The Boss. Loved “Book of Dreams”. Excellent choice, My friend. Go, Pete, Go!!

  • Gonzo

    Pete – any possibility of a download link? Would love to give this a solid listen on my upcoming drive to Baltimore (or back to Iowa).

    Looks like a great set though!

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