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Martin Sexton’s Diner

As the new, 21st century American Gladiators plays on television in the distance (on Mute), and I get sick to my stomach and lament the fact that society and popular culture seem to be on a downward spiral down the ol’ proverbial toilet… I hear this song.

I have been told before to listen to Martin Sexton. I have been told to go see him live. And it’s clearly my fault for not doing so sooner. A single song like this can endear me to an artist, and move me to seek out an entire catalog. This song is that good, in my opinion. It’s an ode to the American diner, performed in such a catchy, clever, sweet way – that my head is reeling. Best new song of 2008, people! And it’s a dozen years old. Go figure. Thanks again, Sirius Disorder.

Martin Sexton – Diner (mp3)


Links: Official Site | MySpace | Full live show at The Late Greats

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