The Grammy Drinking Game

Here’s what I have so far. By all means, feel free to add more rules in the comments. I’ll be adding live commentary beginning at 7:00pm MST.

  • Every time someone thanks God (or any higher power) during an acceptance speech – point to the sky – 3 drinks
  • Every time music cuts off an acceptance speech – laugh – 1 drink
  • Rihanna sightings – nod – 1 drink
  • Every time anyone mentions “Rehab” – 1 drink
  • Every time the name “Bublé” is mentioned – 1 drink
  • Every time an American Idol (contestant or winner) is shown – 1 drink
  • Every time an American Idol wins a Grammy – put your drink down – that’s how we ended up with these people in the first place
  • If Bruce Springsteen wins a Grammy, stand, salute the television, and drink the rest of your beer.
  • During the Foo Fighters performance take 1 drink every time: 1. Dave Grohl spits 2.Dave Grohl screams like a madman 3. Taylor Hawkins spins his drumstick a la Tommy Lee
  • During the Rihanna / Time performance:
    • If they go into ”The Bird”, stand up and join in for at least 5 seconds, then sit down – 3 drinks
    • If it’s “Jungle Love”, exclaim “Somebody bring me a mirror!” – 3 drinks
  • Should Prince win a Grammy for “Future Baby Mama” do a shot of Purple Motherf**ker (Recipe Below)
  • Should Prince win a Grammy and accept it during the broadcast drink a pint of Purple Motherf**ker

Purple Motherf**ker

Over Ice pour:

1 Part Blue Curacao
1 Part Triple Sec
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Pineapple Juice
Top with 7-Up

One shake and serve as a shot or drink in the glass!


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