Spotlight on Keith!

Keith Richards was born December 18th, 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. He met Mick Jagger at Wentworth Primary School in 1951. In 1962, the Rolling Stones were born with Keith on guitar.

In April of 2006, Keith fell out of a tree while on holiday in Fiji, and landed on his head. Later that year, Keith signed on to play Jack Sparrow’s father in the third Pirates of the Caribbean film. In March of 2008, Louis Vuitton announced Keith as the new face of LV. Coincidence??

Here’s the new photo that’s going up on billboards all over the world’s urban landscape. Annie Leibovitz snapped the pic…

You just can’t help but love ol’ Keith.

Here’s a nice collection of live tunes with Keith taking center stage.

“It’s Good to be Anywhere”

1. Happy (Brussels 1973)
2. Before They Make Me Run (Paris 2003)
3. Little T & A (Hampton 1981)
4. This Place Is Empty (Buenos Aires 2006)
5. Gimme Shelter (Buenos Aires 1993)
6. Slipping Away (Glasgow 2006)
7. The Worst (Rio de Janeiro 1995)
8. You Got The Silver (Stuttgart 1999)
9. The Nearness Of You (Paris 2003)
10. Learning The Game (Austin 2006)
11. Thru And Thru (New York 2003)
12. Wanna Hold You (Buenos Aires 1998)
13. Infamy (Los Angeles 2005)
14. Can’t Be Seen (Atlantic City 1989)
15. All About You (Chicago 1997)
16. Connection (Los Angeles 1988)*
17. You Don’t Have To Mean It (Rio de Janeiro 1998)
18. Happy (Toronto 2002)


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