Ickmusic.com: The Unavailable Weeks

Question for the regulars. Have you had problems over the last few weeks with my web site timing out, or being unavailable? Has it happened more than once for you? And most importantly, is it getting to the point where it’s a nuisance for you?

I’ve been on a new host, Hostmonster, since mid March. While their customer service is great, I’m having trouble with my web site staying up 24×7. I wanted to get some feedback from you all to find out if it’s noticeable.

Bear with me, I’ll get everything going full time. If I have to jump to another host, so be it.

UPDATE (4/14): Okay, I moved back to my old host (IPOWER) – Hostmonster’s customer service was great, but the site would be down multiple times every day. iPower’s customer service isn’t stellar, but at least they keep my site up.


  • gorjus

    I haven’t noticed it until today. On the DBT entry, when it finally loaded, it was 404’d. Other stuff was real slow, but at times today it was just down.

    Notes: I use Firefox with ABP and read Ick in the Google Reader.

  • bagan

    Sorry to say Pete, but your new host is not better than the old one and faces often problems like “the website is not available” (… just like 45 minutes ago; needed a waiting time of approx. 30 minutes to get re-connected). It it sometimes not possible get a stable connection from ol’ Europe; effecting a waiting time of 1-3 hours. I have the impression, that the weekend days are worse (… too much traffic ?); during the working days it works definitely better …

    Funky Greetz to you & Michael from Switzerland; Marco (bagan)

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