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Music and Ads: Let Me Sleep On It

By no means do I think it’s a great idea for respected musicians to shill products on TV. But once in a while, as hard as it may be to stomach, I can’t help but be entertained. Case in point, the use of Meatloaf and “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” in a new AT&T “GoPhone” commercial. Oh, and that’s 80’s teen queen Tiffany playing Mom.

[youtube= 336 278]

Another recent surprise is the appearance of Grandaddy’s music in the advertising world. “A.M. 180” shows up in the new Dodge Journey ads…

GrandaddyA.M. 180 (mp3)


This one comes from Under the Western Freeway


  • Jim

    I was very disturbed when I saw that ad pop up on TiVo. I had to rewind and be sure. There he was singing about cell phones.

    How about the “word Up” theme for Dodge (?) trucks? When you hear your favorite artist on the Muzak in the elevator you are officially too old. Time to turn it down, friends, time to turn it down!

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