Idle Idol Thoughts

Okay, let’s pretend I watched American Idol, and I need to chime in…

Did anyone else besides me experience such a high level of unadulterated, pure joy while watching Jason Castro forget the lines to “Mr. Tamborine Man“? Oh, such good entertainment (will someone dump the Youtube link in the comments when it’s available? I wish to entertain myself further with repeated viewings).

And is there anyone else out there with an urge to smack David Archuletta upside the head, pleading for just a little testosterone?? I know the kid’s only 16, but my god, what a giant wuss-ball. I knew by age 16 not to exhibit such ample amounts of wuss-dom, and I was a Prince freak!

Syesha – you go on with yo bad self. Yum.

David Cook – I’m not always down with your remakes of the tunes you perform, but at least you put an original spin on everything you do. You shall be the victor – you shall be – dum-du-du-dum – the next American Idol.


  • Michael

    It’s rather clear that Jason no longer even cares and just had fun tonight and David Cook wants off before he get’s trapped in the top 3 record deal trap. He’s looking to get booted in the next two shows, seriously.

  • Anne

    David Cook is better off not winning. David A. will be a wuss whether he wins or not so he should be the winner.
    How do you forget the words to Tamborine Man?

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