Money at the Moon by Matt Hartin

A combination of job-related sleep deprivation, a stomach ailment of some sort, and post-holiday weekend laziness have conspired to keep me away from posting any new material for a few days. Apologies to those who notice.

I got a short & sweet email (just the way I like ’em) from Matt Hartin last week: “I’ve been checkin your blog lately and thought you might like this.” Spooky. I did like it. And I think you will too.

The song, “Money at the Moon”, has that alt-country, saloon duet feel that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Steve Earle album. I could picture Mark Knopfler rockin’ this tune too. Don’t know what it is… But this song belongs to Matt Hartin. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? This tune reached out and grabbed me, and I’ll be checking out more of Mr. Hartin.

Matt has a nice little site he’s put together. In one of the sections, he writes about what inspired him to write “Money at the Moon”…

While attending an art gallery opening, a painting caught my eye. The title was Throwing Our Money at the Moon. I spoke to the artist, Jamie Frankie, who told me that he and his wife like to take their coin jar down to the big tree in the field behind their house when the moon is full. They make a wish and throw their money at the moon. Mrs. Frankie’s first name is Penny. Seriously. Thus inspired, the words just spilled out and were put to a melody I had laying around for a long time.

Matt Hartin – Money at the Moon (mp3)

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