• Michael

    I’m clearly a poor excuse for an American as I’ve not watched a single minute of the Olympics. I did catch portions of the opening ceremonies.

    That said I really read the title as Olympic Ads: Belinda Carlisle The Story. To which I said out loud “what the f**k does a Go Go have to do with the Olympics?”

    I’m clearly loosing touch, eh?

  • Pete

    Hmm, my next post may be: “Jane Wiedlin, the Javelin Years” – or – “The Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs – The Teeniest Beach Volleyballer That Could”

  • My hmphs

    I totally agree. The song is so powerful that it tends to overshadow the brand, which was…Oh yeah, something about cars.

    Did someone mention Susanna Hoffs? Where??

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