Running to Aceyalone: Sound Gun

I’m finally in the routine of running again. My single favorite part about running is getting to focus on the quality tunes blasting through my iPod, powering me through those 30 minutes on the treadmill (hey, it’s 105+ out there, gotta go with the treadmill).

Nice moment today, courtesy of this tune from Aceyalone’s great album, Lightning Strikes. Do check it out. And add it to your playlist, just like I added it to my special “Run Motherf**er Run” playlist. Hop to it!

AceyaloneSound Gun (mp3)

Buy: Lightning Strikes

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  • Gonzo

    Yes, yes and yes! I think you initially hipped me to Aceyalone, and this album has *definitely* become one of my favorite backdrops to running.

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