The Time in Vegas: Go to the Flamingo, do The Bird

Taking a cue from their old boss, Morris Day and the boys have taken up a residency at a Las Vegas hotel/casino to kick out the jams for a couple of months. Last year, Prince took over the Rio for a few months of very well received shows at his makeshift club, 3121 (complete with his own “jazz cuisine” restaurant).

Well it’s 2008, and after getting back together to jam with Rihanna at the Grammys earlier this year, the boys are ready for more. Starting last Tuesday, and running through August 2nd, the “classic” Time lineup (sorry, St. Paul Peterson) will be performing a series of shows at the Flamingo Hotel/Casino in Vegas.  We’re talkin’ Morris Day, his sidekick Jerome Benton, Jesse Johnson, über-producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Monte Moir, and Jellybean Johnson.

Check out this AP article for an interview with the boys. Might be worth a weekend getaway this summer. Who can babysit?


  • Skittles

    Well, there’s no way I can make it to a Vegas show. I’m hoping that they’ll do a proper tour at some point, particularly to promote the new album they plan to do.

  • Chuck

    Michael whatever you do.
    If your headed to Vegas anytime soon..
    PLEASE!!! see if you can sneak and shove me into one of your carry-on bags or suitcase for the next flight!!!
    You really (Not Michael) have to be a total idiot or smoking crack if your planning a vacation to Vegas and not considering see “The Time” live while your there .
    I hope they’ll start touring soon without all the past drama and distractions they’ve had.
    If Van Halen can get back together and tour and not kill each other finally!!! Then I’m sure “The Time” can make an exception… : )


  • 21

    I went and Got to dance on stage with them and everything. Best show I’ve ever been to and if you are on the main floor the seats are great. If you can go, go it is sooooooo worth it.

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