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It’s summer time in Arizona, which means it’s high time to hightail it out of town. This week finds me back in one of my favorite places on God’s green earth – Telluride, Colorado. I snapped the pic above this afternoon near the Nelly Mine, up in the San Juan Mountains at about 11,200 feet. The hike kicked my ass, but as you can see, there’s a lot around to inspire and motivate a weary hiker.

I felt fortunate too that the song bouncing around my head today wasn’t one of the selections from ’30 Songs for Toddlers’ that played 3-4 times on the drive up from Phoenix. Nope, it was this Band of Horses song – a tune that has been getting more air time than any lately. Ben Bridwell – voice from the heavens. Just beautiful. Listen to it all.

Nice eh?

The next couple of nights are good nights for music here in Telluride. Tomorrow night, it’s Junior Brown, who’s playing a free concert up in Telluride Mountain Village.

Then there’s Thursday night. I’ll be at the Sheridan Opera House, seated in front of the stage (with my wife and two brothers) at a cocktail table, taking in an evening with Steve Earle and Allison Moorer.

Yes, life is good.

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  • Greg

    I can’t imagine that a view like that would inspire anything off the ’30 Songs for Toddlers’ disc! Glad you are having fun.

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