A Nudge in the Right Direction

It’s been a while since a nudge toward some sites and posts that have piqued my interest. Here’s a good batch…

  • Captains Dead is a fine blog. You should really check out a full Faces concert from 1970, part one and part two.
  • Sir Jeff and his merry gang of bloggers are keeping Popdose at full steam ahead. Check out the collaborative Tweener Mix Tape post; Matthew breaks down Prince’s Batman album; and the latest installment of “The Popdose Guide to” features the Pogues! Go and be edu-ma-cated.
  • You know, Paris Hilton’s response video to McBush’s campaign ad isn’t really that annoying. Paris actually got a chuckle out of me. I’m – well – shocked!
  • Stereogum has video of Wilco’s “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” gig at Wrigley Field the other day.
  • Aikin is going ballistic at Licorice Pizza with a multi-part series featuring tons of Led Zeppelin studio sessions, outttakes, etc. He’s three parts into it so far. A one. A two. A three.
  • And – hey wow, Ekko posted a 1988 Joe Strummer show on Berkeley Place, with his then backup band the Latino Rockabilly War. Hold on, must download now. *click* Okay, I’m back.
  • The Vinyl District is always ripping some great LP tracks. Check out these early reggae selections.
  • Non-music: In these times, we all need a good laugh at the expense of others. For a daily dose, be sure to make Hot Chicks with Douchebags a stop!
  • Finaly, if any of you feel like contributing to my DIY blog, go on over and register. Come one come all!

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