Clapton Joins the Bluesbreakers, Mind-Blowing Solos Ensue

This is from John Mayall’s 70th birthday gig a few years ago. Buddy Whittington (from the Bluesbreakers) and Eric Clapton do things to their Fender Stratocasters that mere mortals like us can only dream of. Amazing. And a trombone solo to boot!

I just finished Pattie Boyd’s autobiography, and I’m just cracking open Clapton’s. I knew that drugs and drink played a role in Eric’s life, but holy schmoly batman, that is excess!

Here is “Talk To Your Daughter”:

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  • Marco aka bagan

    WOW Pete … the stage is filled-up with a bunch of old grey-haired men … and the result is just pur-pur magic. Can only advise you, be careful with the Blues … this thing can take you in very deeply. In the 90’s, I re-discovered the Blues following a long period with Funk & New Wave only … and then listened for several years to nothing else than the Blues and a bit of Funk (OK … there was also a bit of Mr Nelson’s output here & there) … Marco

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