Ickmusic’s Friday Five: October 24, 2008

Takes a Shuffle but it Keeps on Tickin'.

Is it 5:00 EST already? Who’s ready to shuffle out into the weekend?

For those who have not joined in the Five, here’s how it works: … I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five with a bit of insight for each track.

Then it’s your turn! Just share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments and see what your fellow readers are listening to as well.

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Counting Crows – St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream / Kid Things (from This Desert Life)

I’ve always connected with this tune. It’s laid back mid-tempo sing-song feel coupled with the big Hammond organ sound just hit me in the right spot.  “Kid Things” is about as close to a ‘happy’ record as Adam Duritz could muster (this in the days before “Accidentally in Love” proved he could write a truly ‘happy’ love song).

2. Ayla BrookWake Up Early (mp3) (from After the Morning After)

This track makes you feel like you are sitting in the room with the band. This is one of my favorite records of 2008.

3. John Mayer – St. Patrick’s Day (from Room for Squares)

From his major label debut, this tune along with “City Love” and “Neon” showed the true potential that has come to fruition in his more recent records.

4. New Edition – If It Isn’t Love (from Hits)

My second favorite New Edition song… “Cool It Now” holds the top spot though.

5. Prince – 1999 (from Foefur’s Remaster: 1999)

Since it’s not likely that His Royal Badness is not likely to allow Warner Bros. to re-master and re-release his catalog, nor will he be inclined to do so when he obtains the masters, some brave and intrepid fans decided to take it on themselves. Truth be told, this version ‘sounds’ one hundred times better than the Warner Bros. CD version.

Ready! Set! Shuffle!


  • Pete

    We west coasters are still at work ! I’ve been listening to’s Recommendations on my iPhone all day, and have been hearing some great stuff. So here’s my next five…I’ve jumped out of the iPod today. I’m goin’ all on you….I’m outta control!

    1. Centro-Matic – “Triggers and Trash Heaps” – this is the second Centro-Matic song today. I know nothing about them. But this is good.

    2. The Yardbirds – “For Your Love” – 1965. Written by Graham Gouldman, who would later form 10cc. This was one of Clapton’s last Yardbirds contributions before traipsing off to the Bluesbreakers. Thanks Wikipedia.

    3. Stephen Lynch – “Best Friend’s Song” – when I saw the name, i though of Third Eye Blind’s leads singer, but no, that’s Jenkins. This is funny. A song about banging a best friend’s sister. I guess he was in the Wedding Singer. I’ll have to watch it again.Scratch that, he’s in the Wedding Singer on Broadway. Huh?

    4. Earth, Wind & Fire – “September” – No words necessary. Legendary tune.

    5. Cannonball Adderley – “Autumn Leaves” – what a great song. I have a Miles Davis version of this classic, laid back jazz ballad. Cannonball and friends do it justice too.

  • Anne

    I think I have a pretty good shuffle this time.

    1. Bonus Theme Montage, Danny Elfman from The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993. Believe it or not, I saw this movie for the first time 2 weeks ago. And actually, it was at an outdoor park with my kids and I ended up talking to my friend the whole. So, I really haven’t seen the movie but I listened to the music and loved that.

    2. Other Side of the World, KT Tunstall from Eye to the Telescope, 2005. I really enjoyed this album when it came out.

    3. I’m Not the Only One Asking, Mindy Smith from Long Island Shores, 2006. I love Mindy Smith although I enjoyed her first album more than this one.

    4. Time Is a Runaway, The Alternate Routes from Good and Reckless and True, 2007.

    5. Two Hearts, Chris Isaak from Baja Sessions, 1996. I loved CI in the 90’s. Loved him!!!

  • Gonzo

    1. Van Halen – “1984”

    2. Kool Keith – “Lovely Lady”
    from the great Sex Style LP

    3. The Roots – “I Can’t Help it”

    4. 2 Pac – “All Eyez on Me”

    5. Analog Brothers – “So Bad”
    Another Kool Keith-related track.

    Pretty solid FF this week, though any other VH song would have thrown it off!

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