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100 Words on Collections

They may take away our collection, but they'll never take our freedom!

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of music in your collection? With the advent of the mp3 and the plummeting cost of storage it’s now possible to amass a collection thats only constrained by your resourcefulness. Even pre-internet I was a collector and have amassed a huge collection over the years. It occurred to me today as I was struggling to find something to listen to that the job of finding the right album to suit my mood was increasingly difficult. I combat this with extensive tagging and playlists but there are days where it just fails me.


  • Gonzo

    So true. I remember making fun of my mother and sister when they would complain about “not having a thing to wear.” Yet so I often I peruse my collection (thousands of cds, hundreds of LPS) and think “Gah, I have nothing to listen to!”

  • Eric

    yesyesyes – what everyone else said.

    I love that there are so many resources now to find new music, but I feel like I’m on overload and I no longer put on an album and listen to it until I know every word and every note. It makes music seem much more disposable.

  • Pete

    Hence my new year’s resolution – one new album a week. With bits and pieces flying at me from every which way, it’s nice to grab a body of work and focus – like the artist intends it to be.

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