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Flaming Lips to headline day 2 of McDowell Mountain Music Festival

It’s been a few days for me. My Ickmusic command center (aka my loft) is in the process of a makeover (hardwood floors), so the Mac has been moving hither and yonder and I’ve been busy doing man stuff. My neighbor Kevin is a jack of all trades, and he works for beer (for his next door neighbors). So thanks Kevin for showing me how it’s all done…

So here’s some big news from Arizona’s coolest music festival, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. They just announced the Flaming Lips as Saturday night’s headliner! Their past lineups have always been impressive, but have tended to lean more toward the jam scene and reggae, which I have no problem with at all. But with the announcement of the Flaming Lips, they’re clearly expanding into other territory that will bring in a wider audience, and give it more clout to pull in more impressive acts for years to come.

I’ve heard great things about the Flaming Lips live show, so I can’t wait. Now I need to get a good primer on the their music, because I just checked my iTunes, and I only have three tunes: “In the Morning of the Magician” and “Do You Realize” from ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’, and “The Machine in India” off of ‘Zaireeka’. – – – Okay, well I just bought all of ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’. So Lips fans, where do I go next? What’s the essential album? Any good DVD’s I can Netflix?

The Flaming Lips – “In the Morning of the Magician” (mp3) – from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

McDowell Mountain Music Festival – 2009 (Web Site)

Friday, April 24th

Saturday, April 25th


  • Neil Cake

    Yoshimi is the best work, but if you can muster a couple of mates and four stereos, you need to give Zaireeka a try. It’s just audacious and majestic.

    I don’t agree that The Soft Bulletin is even the Lips’ 2nd best work – if you don’t mind a bit of “pop songs made with noise”, I definitely recommend you get “Hit To Death in the Future Head”, which is just brilliant.

    I’ve seen The Lips 6 times now, so let me tell you this; you are not going to be disappointed by the show. The best description I ever read about a Lips show was that it is like being a 5 year old at the best birthday party in the world ever.

    Have a great time.

  • jazzmaster

    Pete, you are in for a treat!

    Although I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing the Lips perform once, they still live here in OKC. In fact, a couple of years ago, I saw Wayne at Lowe’s. It was very surreal. You would never have guessed that the guy is a “rock star”.

    Anyway, you’re going to love their show… As long as you’re not freaked out by overgrown stuffed animals dancing around.


  • Gonzo

    Oh man – yeah, you’re going to love this. I saw them a few years ago with Sonic Youth. I went more for SY, but walked out a fan of Flaming Lips as well. It sounds so damn cliche, but their shows are seriously “experiences.” They pull out all the stops. And although I was totally sober, I remember thinking, “I feel like I am so incredibly high right now.”

    I can’t say I’ve explored their catalog with much depth. Yoshimi is definitely a winner. Their last one (At War With the Mystics) is also very good. Those are the only two that I have. I’ve heard great things about The Soft Bulletin, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    As for DVDs, there are two very interesting releases: VOID (a music video overview) and Fearless Freaks, a documentary about the band’s history. Both were very cool.

    You’ll have a blast, I’m sure.

  • Earl

    Soft Bulletin and Clouds Taste Metallic are the best two, but you’re most likely to hear new stuff and the last two records if you go see ’em and they are FANTASTIC live

  • Larry

    I live in OKC and actually see the band around town. I have no idea how many times I have seen them but I do know my first was well over 10 years ago. My favorite story is that my 12 year old and I ran into Wayne at Macys and my boy was digging Yoshimi at the time. I introduced Wayne to my boy and he gave him some great attention. I reallly dont have a fovorite album ( and I have them all on vinyl). The last three are full of wonderful songs. The early albums are less POP and will be an aquired taste. The show is a little staged and very entertaining. There is a great DVD ( live at the Zoo) where the band opens the show via Parlament Funkadelic. Enjoy the show

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