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The Friday Five: February 6, 2009

I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old shuffle for dinner.

52 Weeks, 261 Songs and a full year later ‘The Friday Five’ is officially a year old. It has been consistently one of our most popular features and for that I want to thank the folks that take the time every week to play along. The coming weeks will bring a slight facelift to the five as well as a few guest spots. This week we’ve got a short but sweet list…

For those who have not joined in the Friday Five here is all you need to know; each Friday I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five and drop a little knowledge and insight for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes we have guest, but most of the time it’s just me.

The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments. The more the merrier!

The Five:

Rich Girl” (mp3) – Hall & Oates (from Greatest Hits: Rock ‘n Soul, Part 1)

Hall & Oates never fails to bring a smile to my face.

“1999” – Prince (from Purple Storm in the Coachella Valley)

Live from Prince‘s headline set at last years Coachella festival.

The Brainsong” (mp3) – Fury in the Slaughterhouse (from Mono)

I never really understood why Fury in the Slaughterhouse wasn’t huge in the states. Has anyone else ever heard of this band, or am I the only one?

“Footprints” – A Tribe Called Quest (from People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm)

Kicking off with a sample of the Stevie Wonder‘s “Sir Duke” this is real hip-hop. Q-Tip is in perfect form spitting a wicked rhyme as only he can over the bouncy funk track.

“Losing a Whole Year” – Third Eye Blind (from Third Eye Blind)

I’ve found out that there is a new genre definition for all the alternative bands of the mid-90’s that we all love (or love to hate), it’s called Post-Grunge

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  • jazzmaster

    “Let’s Work” – Prince (The 12″ Maxi Single)

    Damn, Prince… Why can’t you be cool like this anymore?

    “The Thing” – The Dirt Bombs (from Ultraglide in Black)

    Wow. Wasn’t expecting that one. R-r-r-rockin’, man!!!

    “Though I Hear You Calling, I Will Not Answer” – The White Stripes (from the Complete B-Sides)

    Love the White Stripes… Not my favorite tune, though.

    “Take the 5th” – Brian Setzer (from Wolfgang’s Big Night Out)

    Man… Mr. Setzer is such an underrated guitarist. Damn.

    “Dirty World” – The Traveling Wilbury’s

    A Super Group among super groups.

    Have a good weekend, Pete.

  • KathyB

    Yes, I’ve heard of Fury in the Slaughterhouse. They weren’t exactly my cup of tea back in 1995, but maybe my tastes have changed.

    The Friday Shuffle, from the land of I’m Not Making This Up:

    1. “Saginaw, Michigan” by Leo Kottke from “Time Step” (1983)
    Starting off good. I love acoustic guitar.

    2. “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry from “Wild Cherry” (1976)
    Whatever you think of this song, it really doesn’t go well after Leo Kottke.

    3. “Boxer” by Frank Milano and the Golden Orchestra from “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” (I’d guess 19-fifty-something)
    Isn’t this the second time this album has come up? It’s a kids’ album about different dog breeds. Which doesn’t sound too wonderful after Wild Cherry…

    4. “I Can’t Rescue You” by Lindsay Jane from “Lovers Find Reasons” (2007)
    I got this track from the SXSW site last year. Every year they put up several gigabytes of freely downloadable tracks from many of the artists that are playing their festival, and every year I go into a downloading and listening frenzy (although I really don’t need to rush, as tracks are still available from 2005, so they’re in no hurry to take them down). Fortunately, I thought this one was quite good, and I really should seek out her album.

    5. “The Look of Love” by Shelby Lynne from “Just a Little Lovin'” (2007)
    Good album, although I liked “Identity Crisis” better.

  • Gonzo

    1. Dead Kennedys – “Kill the Poor”

    Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables is one of the best debut LPs of all time, and coincidentally, the DKs have been coming up a lot on my short runs (when I utilize shuffle). Hm.

    2. Prince – “The Human Body”

    Not a favorite, but I admit that it works well for running.

    3. King Khan and the Shrines – “Sweet Tooth”

    Great, gritty garage rock throwbacks. Check it out – they do it very well.

    4. The Roots – “Silent Treatment.”

    I recently claimed “Do You Want Some More” to be my favorite Roots album, and I’ll stand by that.

    5. Daft Punk – “Da Funk”

    I can never hear this without thinking of the video. So wonderfully bizarre!!

  • whiteray

    All right . . . just past sundown:

    1. “You’re Not Standing Like You Used To” by Kate Wolf from “Lines On The Paper,” 1977. Wolf died young, but left behind a sweet catalog of folk.

    2. “I Loved You All The Time” by Toni Brown from “Toni Brown,” 1974. Brown was one of the forces behind Joy of Cooking, the very fine group from the Bay Area ca. 1970. Worth checking out, as is this good record.

    3. “Lease Complicated” by the Indigo Girls from “Swamp Ophelia,” 1994. In some ways, the Indigo Girls are musical descendants of both Wolf and Brown. Interesting juxtaposition.

    4. “Have A Good Time” by Wet Willie from “Wet Willie,” 1971. Some southern rock . . .

    5. “Another Girl” by the Beatles from “Help!,” 1965. Even after forty-some odd years, these guys still sound fresh. It still amazes me . . .

  • Anne

    Ok, Sunday, nowhere close to Friday. But, it has been a long time since I have done this and I want to do it so there!

    1. Sans Fear by Pete Yorn. I got this from another blog site–I am Fuel, You are Friends. This is a song from Pete Yorn’s next album.

    2. Blue Skies by Jaymay from Autumn Fallin’, 2008.

    3. Pray for the Girls by Frank Black. This is a song for the Powerpuff Girls. Love it!

    4. Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady from Stay Positive, 2008. Great song, great album.

    5. Everyday by Vetiver from Tight Knit. Great little pop song. I don’t know how I have this song. I like it though.

  • "kristallnaach"

    Fury in the Slaughterhouse is not a German bound, which unfortunately dissolved now, many for mine befriends does know and loves it, understands also here, why they hardly border over ours outside were heard…. your side I by the way find ingenious, go past here always times and have each time my joy, here times expressly to THANKS for it…. sorry for my bad English, I hope it am nevertheless understood; o)

  • Megan

    I’m writing from Surfdog Records. Thanks for posting about Brian on your blog, we really appreciate it! We’re gearing up to release a brand new Brian Setzer album this Fall and I’d love to add you on to our e-mail list so we can keep you in the loop. I did not see an e-mail address on your blog. Please send me an e-mail at if you would like to be added to our list!

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